(Version: 15 Mar 2019)

Playmol is a(nother) software for building molecular models.

Its main distinguishing features are:

  • Molecules are created with simple scripts consisting of a small set of commands.
  • Molecular topology arises naturally when atoms are connected (automatic detection of angles and dihedrals).
  • Multiple copies of a molecule are automatically created when new coordinates are defined for their atoms.
  • Integration with Packmol [4] provides a way of creating complex molecular systems.
  • Generation of LAMMPS [6] and OpenMM [2] files provides a way of performing efficient MD simulations.

The sections of this manual are:

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Charlles R. A. Abreu (abreu.nosp@m.@eq..nosp@m.ufrj..nosp@m.br)
Applied Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation Group (ATOMS)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil